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Tai French | Creative Director

Tai French is an NAACP Award Winning writer. She received the award for Best Playwright in 2020 for her original stage production 'Pound Cake.' She was also nominated for Best Director and the cast was nominated for Best Ensemble.

On April 8, 2012, Easter Sunday, Tai French's hit stage play Phoenix had just received a standing ovation on it's closing night. Before she could give her closing remarks, French was presented with a commendation from Michael D. Antonovich of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which declared that very day as Tai French Day. Being recognized for all of her creative works, as well as her efforts in education and the community, this caught the young renaissance woman off guard as tears of shock and gratitude streamed down her face.       

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Tia Morris | CFO

Tia’s contribution to the Arts spans 4 decades as a Model, Singer, Dancer, Set Designer and Producer of movies and stage plays. Tia was born in Kansas and as a young child moved to Detroit Michigan where she was reared until 1970 when Tia’s family relocated to California.

As a teenager Tia modeled and danced on Soul Train for several years until she graduated from high school. In 1980 Tia graduated from College with a Degree in Criminal Justice and that same year she joined the Los Angeles Police Department. In 1982, Tia married and started her family, two daughters.

Brit Morris | Legal Counsel

Serving as Legal Counsel and executive board member for Vintage City, Brit Morris' company Morris Legacy Group, LLC (MLG) serves as Public and Media Relations for the company, as well as the company's legal affairs and educational outreach program. She shares Tai's vision of expanding VCE's artistic, literary, and philanthropic efforts throughout the Los Angeles Community.

Maurice Settle | Board Member


Maurice is a Bay Area native who came to Los Angeles with an intense passion for writing and performing and quickly turned it into an eponymous self-published book of original poetry. Maurice then set out to produce a public platform for self-expression by creating & hosting Mental Mondays, a monthly open-mic poetry event that still continues to stimulate the senses. It was there that this aspiring playwright was introduced to the rising talents of Vintage Soul a.ka. Tai French. Their artistic friendship and similar zeal for entertaining has led him to becoming Chairman of the Board for her Vintage City Entertainment organization from 2012-2020.

Pjai Morris | COO

Pjai Morris  is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of Vintage City Entertainment. He monitors the daily operations of the company and reports to the board of directors and the top executive officer, Tai French. 


Pjai's focus for the company is on operations management, where  he is responsible for the operations and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the company's products and services. Pjai also serves as a producer for all of VCE's original works.

Mike Eddie | Sr. Sound Engineer & Resident Vocal Coach

Originally from San Diego, CA, Mike Eddie started singing in church choirs at 6 years old, He had also acquired learning the piano, clarinet and viola before making piano his primary instrument at age 9. He attended CSU Northridge as a Vocal Performance/Opera major from 2004-2009 where he sang in the university's advanced master chorale, "The Northridge Singers." Under the direction of Diane Ketchie, Mike has been vocally trained in Classical Opera with specialization in English, German, and French Diction and Pedagogy.

Malika Blessing | Production Manager

Malika Blessing hails from Oakland, CA with a Master of Arts degree from Grambling State University with extensive theatre credits. She has been blessed to showcase her talents as an actress, casting director & production stage manager. Malika can be seen on B.E.T in the film THE PERFECT MAN directed by Paul Hannah and in the feature film MACHETE JOE which won "Best Thriller" at The San Diego Black Film Festival. 

Lorenzo Young | Chairman of the Board


With an extensive background in the Information Technology and Cyber Security space, Lorenzo Young is an immense asset to the VCE Team.

Lorenzo was named Chairman of the Board in February 2020 after a long tenure as a supportive audience member. After becoming invested in VCE through its various stage productions, Lorenzo first served as a Producer for Tai French's NAACP award winning stage play Pound Cake in 2018.


Lorenzo will take on his role as Chairman of the Board while still serving as a producing partner in VCE's upcoming productions.