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Vintage City Entertainment (VCE) is a multimedia LLC combining the class and sophistication of Old Hollywood fused with the style, originality, and technology of the 21st century. With hopes to breathe inspiration into the community with original works, VCE seeks to blend the borders of culture & genre, and is committed to providing a platform for diverse voices & perspectives, along with contemporary art & entertainment while reaching new heights and greater depths with innovation through live theatre, film, web series, music, literature, and more.























meet the        team!

Tai French


Tai French is an NAACP Award Winning writer. She received the award for Best Playwright in 2020 for her original stage production 'Pound Cake.' She was also nominated for Best Director and the cast was nominated for Best Ensemble.

On April 8, 2012, Easter Sunday, Tai French's hit stage play Phoenix had just received a standing ovation on it's closing night. Before she could give her closing remarks, French was presented with a commendation from Michael D. Antonovich of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which declared that very day as Tai French Day. Being recognized for all of her creative works, as well as her efforts in education and the community, this caught the young renaissance woman off guard as tears of shock and gratitude streamed down her face.       

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Tai French, although still quite young, is an experienced and seasoned talent that has been in the entertainment business for over a decade. With a B.A. in English/Education, writing is just one of the myriad talents French possesses.

Her career began in the world of dance in the 90's where she studied under phenomenal choreographers and living dance legends such as Toney Wilson, Eartha Robinson, and Kenny Long. Her years of dedication and passion for the craft  earned her a spot in the prodigious Debbie Allen Dance Academy in 2001. She studied various genres of dance including: ballet, tap, modern, African, and hip hop. When her Film/TV & theatrical career began to take the lead in 2003 after she scored her first national commercial for Apple iPod, she realized that  entertainment was the direction in which she wanted to go. Since then, there have been many projects she has launched through her former company Medium Entertainment, founded in 2004, which is now the blossoming Los Angeles based company Vintage City Entertainment (founded by French in January 2010).

In 2005, French wrote, directed, and edited a feature film entitled BEAST, which is based on a true story about a violent teenage relationship that ends in a tragic death. The film was accepted in to the Pan African Film Festival in 2006. French was asked to create an educational interactive version of the film that is still currently a part of the curriculum at both Santa Monica College and Southwestern College. In the same year, French landed a role on FX's drama, The Shield, and was also featured as Meagan in Dennis Dortch feature film,  A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy. While under the acting tutelage of Chip Fields (One on One, The Parkers, Living Single), French starred in the stage play, The Miracle Worker, where she played the role of Helen Keller.


French also has a background in music. In 2003, she wrote and independently produced her first album Ny'EVE. Soon after, she linked up with some rising Los Angeles producers for her 2006 album City in the Sky, also released independently. As a music artist, French scaled the Los Angeles area performing at numerous venues including the House of Blues and Rumba Room. In 2009, she co-wrote her independent EP album Feeling Myself. In 2011, she created the pseudonym Warryn Lauve, under which she continues to create music. French would describe Warryn Lauve's style as "a cross between Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse." 


Starting in 2007, French became known as a spoken word poet under the name Vintage Soul. She has performed at venues such as Da Poetry Lounge (Los Angeles), and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (New York). From 2006-2009 she teamed up with A.I.M., led by Leila Steinberg (Manager of Tupac Shakur), where her voice was not only used for a performance aspect, but as a tool to uplift youth and the inner city community.  


In  December 2010, French's first original stage production, Jesus on the Way, hit the stage in Hollywood and sold out the entire run. The show was brought back by popular demand in December 2011, and was then followed by another original stage play, Phoenix (formerly titled Suicide), which she starred in as the title character in March-April 2012. The show was such a tremendous success that Los Angeles producer Don B. Welch brought it back for an industry night in Fall 2013. In Summer 2012, French wrote, directed, and was featured in her third stage production, PUSH, which ran for six successful weekends. Her 4th original stage production, Hurt People Hurt People (2014) sold out and was said to be a "moving and emotional show" about a teenage girls' group home and the pain that comes along with their fragmented pasts. Following the emotional roller-coaster came an even more heart-wrenching story about loss and grief in French's 5th stage production, Don't Help Me, I'm Dying (August 2014) which left audience members in tears. In need of some laughter and light-hearted nature, French mounted her 6th stage production, the colorful comedy, Please Do Not Feed the Mannequins (September 2014). French's 7th stage play, Suite V, completed her successful year of hit stage productions in November 2014 with a completely sold out run. In 2015, French sold out the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre on February 28th for the reprise of Hurt People Hurt People. In April, her 8th stage play, All That Glitters Ain't Gold, had audiences in side-splitting laughter during it's sold out run, which was then followed by her 9th original stage production, Old Friends. The success of all of French's original productions left audiences wanting more. In March 2016, French brought Phoenix back to the stage for one more night at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre.


Apart from the stage, back in November 2012, French took to the web as the creator, writer, director, editor, and star of a comedic web series called, I Hate My Co-Worker, which won at the 2013 LA WebFest (Tiffany Snow and Malika Blessing; Best Comedic Performance).

Professionally,  French has taught Musical Theatre and Drama to K-8th grades in schools across the San Fernando Valley and in the inner-city of Los Angeles, Torrance, and Lawndale. In early 2015, VCE launched Acting Workshops with French at the helm.

Currently, Tai French is in the process of developing several hour long episodic drama series for television networks & streaming platforms while simultaneously creating new works for the stage.

Pjai Morris

Chief Operations Officer

Pjai Morris  is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of Vintage City Entertainment. He monitors the daily operations of the company and reports to the board of directors and the top executive officer, Tai French. Pjai's focus for the company is on operations management, where  he is responsible for the operations and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the company's products and services. Pjai also serves as a producer for all of VCE's original works.

In 2005, he produced French's feature length film BEAST, and on September 8, 2011, he also produced the hugely successful screening event for The Molding Maverick Mason, at the Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica. Some of his other producing credits include Don B. Welch's Wilshire Ebell hit shows: Yes, God Is Real, starring Ledisi and Loretta Devine, and The Soul Cafealso starring Loretta Devine, Kelly Price, and Ernest L. Thomas (Raj. What's Happenin').

Tia Morris

Chief Financial Officer

Tia’s contribution to the Arts spans 4 decades as a Model, Singer, Dancer, Set Designer and Producer of movies and stage plays. Tia was born in Kansas and as a young child moved to Detroit Michigan where she was reared until 1970 when Tia’s family relocated to California.


 As a teenager Tia modeled and danced on Soul Train for several years until she graduated from high school. In 1980 Tia graduated from College with a Degree in Criminal Justice and that same year she joined the Los Angeles Police Department. In 1982, Tia married and started her family, two daughters.

For over the past 35 years Tia has been consistently involved in the Arts throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley areas all the while nurturing her daughters’ creativity and talents as they performed in Dance, Theatre and Television Arts. In 2005, Tia’s family took their creativity to another level when they started their first entertainment company "Medium Entertainment."  It was at that time that Tia and her husband Pjai produced their first feature length film "Beast" a tale of domestic violence involving teenagers written and directed by their daughter Tai French. After her critical involvement in that project Tia became a State Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence.

In February 2006, "Beast" was featured in the Pan African Film Festival where it was viewed by thousands; and the 30-minute educational version was adopted as part of the curriculum at two junior colleges in Los Angeles.  


In 2010, "Medium Entertainment" became “Vintage City Entertainment,” where Tia took on the role of Chief Financial Officer. Under Vintage City Entertainment, Tia produced a feature film that later became a web series entitled, The Molding Maverick Mason in addition to an award winning web series entitled “I Hate My Coworker”; and several highly acclaimed very successful stage plays in Hollywood and Los Angeles. In 2013 Tia retired from the Los Angeles Police Department as a Police Captain after 33 years of dedicated service. In July of 2016 Tia finished her Memoir, Mama's Curse, which delves into topics such as generational curses; breast cancer and overall survivor-ship and overcoming adversities. Tia’s upcoming novel Gertrude Bellamy: Homicide Detective is a crime series centered around a female homicide detective, inspired by true LAPD stories.

Mike Eddie

Sr. Sound Designer & Resident Vocal Coach

Originally from San Diego, CA, Mike Eddie started singing in church choirs at 6 years old, He had also acquired learning the piano, clarinet and viola before making piano his primary instrument at age 9. He attended CSU Northridge as a Vocal Performance/Opera major from 2004-2009 where he sang in the university's advanced master chorale, "The Northridge Singers." Under the direction of Diane Ketchie, Mike has been vocally trained in Classical Opera with specialization in English, German, and French Diction and Pedagogy.


As a singer/songwriter/pianist under ASCAP, he released a solo album entitled Musician's Ego in September 2009. Soon after, he was the lead singer for Los Angeles Hip Hop/Soul group Balance and the Traveling Sounds releasing two EP's: Departure and Lost Luggage. Mike Eddie has performed in various locations in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.


Aside from being VCE's resident Vocal Coach and Sound Designer, Mike Eddie released his EP The Real on April 28, 2015 as Vintage City Entertainment's first music artist. In July 2015, Mike Eddie hit the Wilshire Ebell stage in Don B. Welch's stage production The Soul Cafe alongside one hollywood's finest Loretta Devine, Kelly Price, and Ernest L.Thomas (What's Happenin').  He later joined Grammy nominee, Ledisi, in another Don Welch production, Let the Church Roll On. 

Brit Morris, JD

Legal Counsel

Serving as Legal Counsel and executive board member for Vintage City, Brit Morris' company Morris Legacy Group, LLC (MLG) serves as Public and Media Relations for the company, as well as the company's legal affairs and educational outreach program. She shares Tai's vision of expanding VCE's artistic, literary, and philanthropic efforts throughout the Los Angeles Community.

In December 2010, Morris served as producer for VCE's acclaimed debut original stage play, Jesus on the Way, written and directed by Tai French, and sold out its entire two week run. Since then, Brit has produced 11 live stage productions including 6 original pieces written and directed by Tai French, two live stand up comedy shows created by comedian Donald George, and a one-man show written and performed by internet radio personality and blogger, Danyol Jaye. Brit has also produce Vintage City Entertainment's 2015 roster of original stage plays written and directed by Tai French.

Morris' educational background includes a Juris Doctorate, Bachelor's degrees in Journalism, Mass Communication, Public Relations, and English, and she holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and Business.


Follow Brit on Twitter/IG @BriMorris_jd

Malika Blessing

Production Manager

Malika Blessing hails from Oakland, Ca with a Master of Arts degree from Grambling State University with extensive theatre credits. She has been blessed to showcase her talents as an actress, casting director (cast both film & theater), & production stage manager. Malika can be seen on B.E.T in the film THE PERFECT MAN directed by Paul Hannah and she can be seen in the feature film MACHETE JOE which won "Best Thriller" at The San Diego Black Film Festival and is available at Walmart . Malika Blessing starred in The World Premiere stage productions: BUS STOPS, SECRETS, & MARTIN DUTY CALLS, and guest starred in the hit Web series I HATE MY CO-WORKER produced by Vintage City Entertainment which she won "Best Comedic Actress" at the 2013 LAWeb Festival. In 2014, Blessing performed in the stage productions LIFE STORIES by Don B. Welch, MARTIN DUTY CALLS, HOW TO LOVE A BLACK MAN and Tai French's SUITE V.  Currently her episode from the hit web series "Tammi Mac's  Bag Lady" can be seen at www.tammimac.com.


In 2015, Malika starred alongside VCE's own Mike Eddie in Don B. Welch's hit stage production The Soul Cafe, which starred Loretta Devine, Kelly Price, and Ernest L. Thomas (What's Happenin').


For booking, contact Lisa Humphrey at premierconceptspr@gmail.com

Facebook: Malika Perkins Blessing 

Instagram: @actressmalikablessing

Website: www.malikablessing.com 

Lorenzo Young


With an extensive background in the Information Technology and Cyber Security space, Lorenzo Young is an immense asset to the VCE Team.

Lorenzo was named Chairman of the Board in February 2020 after a long tenure as a supportive audience member. After becoming invested in VCE through its various stage productions, Lorenzo first served as a Producer for Tai French's NAACP award winning stage play Pound Cake in 2018.


Lorenzo will take on his role as Chairman of the Board while still serving as a producing partner in VCE's upcoming productions. 


Board Member | Associate Producer

Mor'Reese is a Bay Area native who came to Los Angeles with an intense passion for writing and performing and quickly turned it into an eponymous self-published book of original poetry. Mor'Reese then set out to produce a public platform for self-expression by creating & hosting Mental Mondays, a monthly open-mic poetry event that still continues to stimulate the senses. It was there that this aspiring playwright was introduced to the rising talents of Vintage Soul a.ka. Tai French. Their artistic friendship and similar zeal for entertaining has led him to becoming Chairman of the Board for her Vintage City Entertainment organization from 2012-2020.

Mor'reese's short film, The Reflecting Pull, is an artistic piece that blends his poetic voice with a visual stimulation depicting the connected lives of 3 individuals. The short was adapted and directed by Tai French with Mor'Reese lending his acting chops in the production. 

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