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Homicide Detective 


Gertrude Bellamy is a Homicide Detective series written by T.M. Morris. This fictional novel series will feature 4 books.


Book One: Discovery

 Gertrude Bellamy Homicide Detective She’s smart; she’s courageous; she’s flawed. She has the mother from hell, who is challenged to live in her truth, the dad who can’t say no and friends from all walks of life who keep her grounded. Although she’s transformed herself from broken home victim to big city Detective what she doesn’t know about is how to get or keep a man. Her love life has been a series of romantic train wrecks. What disaster will her too trusting heart lure her into next? What’s she doing wrong, she constantly wonders. Finally, she finds her true love and that is solving murders. This passion supersedes any love affair she’s had with a living breathing man, well except for her new leading man head homicide Detective PJ Martin a no nonsense veteran who shows her the ropes. Their partnership is anything but routine.