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Desert Dunes
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Short for "Collage Books" and in the vein of a classic comic book, Tai French brings you visual-narrative storybooks comprised of tweets set against the backdrop of enchantingly immersive collage art.

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Twin sisters Jude and Kit used to be close until…something happened. After 9 years estranged, Jude and her 16 year-old daughter, Rio, have stumbled on hard times. With nowhere to go, Jude turns to her twin sister Kit who, despite their differences, offers Jude and Rio a place to stay with her and teen daughter Zori who is the same age as Rio. Leaving their city life behind, the mother-daughter duo move into Kit and her millionaire boyfriend’s extravagant beach house in a swanky ocean side town that’s pulsing with secrets, temptation, and unscrupulous ways.

Los Angeles

Los{t} Angeles

Young, streetwise TiTi and her friends stumble throughout a beautiful & treacherous Los Angeles while trying to find themselves & someone to love them.

Purple City

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