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“[The] writing is such a wonderful display of someone who loves words and who is also fascinated by the complexities of the human spirit. I will always be a fan." 

Don B. Welch



“Tai [French] has a different type of voice that is so needed in this industry of young writer/directors...”

Azur-De Johnson 



"An artistic genius...I can't wait for the entire world to feel the impact of [her] story telling..." 

Dwan Smith

Actress (Sparkle)


“The writing and directing is brilliant, as we have come to expect of Tai French, but she is to also be commended for her ability to cast the [absolute] most perfect actors to give voice to these wonderfully wacky, flawed, and delightful characters...”

Jerrel O'Neal


“Tai French is the future of Hollywood!”

Danny De Lloyd 

"She leaves no stone unturned and taps into multiple subjects straight on, no chaser. Entertaining and educational to the point and on point as she thrusts you back into time that is well before her own."

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